Hustopeče – the heart of vineyards and almond trees

The City of Hustopeče, the first written records of which date back to the mid-13th century, lies in the heart of Southern Moravia between Brno and Břeclav. It is a great starting point for wine lovers and cyclists.

Dukla Square, surrounded by townhouses, is in the centre of the city. A plague column, the town hall and a modern church built by architect Louis Kolka in 1994, can be found in the square.

The city boasts a Central European rarity - two almond orchards. During their peak in the 1960s, there were around 50,000 trees. There are now more than a thousand almond trees growing in the orchards. A lookout tower that is more than 17 metres high stands in the almond orchard on the "Old Hill".

One Saturday in March is dedicated to the almond trees, and almond and wine festivals are held regularly. Visitors can go on a guided walking tour through the orchards. Restaurants offer almond menus, and wines from local winemakers and the renowned Hustopeče almond brandy is another great attraction.

The first weekend in October in Hustopeče is annually dedicated to federweisser. Federweisser festivities transport the city to the Middle Ages. Ladies, esquires and knights in historic costumes can be seen at every turn, and the federweisser doesn't stop flowing. It is poured in so-called mázhouses (tap rooms) in passageways to the square. During these days full of fun and laughter you will get to know real Moravian hospitality and ease.

The sculpture of the 70,000 times magnified wine yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae shows the city's wine tradition. After the unveiling of the sandstone creation, it was immediately entered into the Czech book of records as the largest enlarged sculpture of a living organism in our country. The yeast sculpture is located in the courtyard of the Renaissance house U Synků in Dukla Square.


Mayor Hana Potměšilová 519 441 038

Town hall central office 519 441 060

Tourist information center 519 412 909

yard of the Renaissance house U Synků in Dukla Square.

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